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Maternity photography has grown increasingly popular in recent times and for good reason. I get a lot of enquiries about Kirra Photography’s bump maternity sessions and have the honour of capturing many gorgeous bumps over the years. In many of the messages I receive I get a lot of hesitation though, so I thought I would knock over a few myths and help you decide on your maternity photo session…

I could go pretty deep into the psychology behind why some women are, dare I say, scared of maternity photos and why social media and the community can impact on this, but I don’t want to bore you! Instead, it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of pregnant women have insecurities about their changing bodies. We, as photographers and as the community supporting new mums, need to help them break through this cycle. Yes, your feet are swollen, you are exhausted, you feel like you couldn’t possibly get any bigger – but you know what? You are growing another human being! That’s pretty darn incredible and is cause for celebration! You will look back on your pregnancy and not remember the uncomfortable sleeps, but the little kicks during the nights… promise!

Maternity photographs are designed to capture your natural beauty. When selecting your photographer, choose someone experienced and trained in the art of pregnancy – comfortably posing, manipulation of light, complimentary fabrics and careful retouching are a must. Whether you are planning to keep the photos for yourself and your partner or you wish to share them with your close friends and family, your satisfaction with such intimate images will depend on those details.

5 Reasons to have Maternity Photographs
1. Celebrate this beauty
2. Capture memories
3. It’s fun
4. You can get creative
5. A chance to bond with your partner & children

The most common reason my clients tell me they are taking the time to capture their bellies is that once it’s gone, it’s gone. They can never go back to that moment. There are only a few months in your life, per baby, that you’ll have a glorious noticeable, round belly – sadly it takes months to show and you have that in-between ‘could be a squishy tummy but could also be pregnant’ stage too! Before you know it, the birth is over, they’ll be at school, or having their own kids, just like your parents will tell you. And those dear moments of pregnancy will be but a distant memory. Even if it’s something you do just in case you might want it later, I don’t know anyone who has regretted getting a pregnancy photo shoot – but I know plenty who regret not doing it.

I also hear this quite often: ‘oh it’s okay, I’ll save the money and just take some photos at home with the hubby.’
Yes, you could just take images at home, or get them done by a friend or family member. But a professional photographer can create a work of art, taking into consideration the best angles, lighting, effects, focus and depth – they can totally transform what would otherwise be just a shot of you, into a story, a feeling, a work of art. They can prepare any images you may want printed and give them a great finish that will ‘wow’ not only you, but your friends and family. Remember that ‘once it’s gone, it’s gone’? I get so many clients coming back to me asking for a last minute session because those DIY photos didn’t turn out quite like they said they would on pinterest… whoops!

Many people associate professional photography with costing a squillion, but it isn’t the case. Considering how much we might spend photographing a wedding day, a maternity photo shoot which is just as memorable costs a fraction of that. That said, you need to weigh up cost and quality. You do generally get what you pay for, but using common sense by doing your homework, seeing the photographers work and getting word of mouth recommendations can save you heartbreak if they don’t turn out like you asked or hoped for.

The last myth I will bust today is how much skin you need to show. Many women come to me and are terrified of baring all in the studio, they believe that that’s what maternity sessions entail. Let me tell you right now, that just isn’t the case. You can bare as much or as little as you wish! We can go full or partially nude or fully clothed, maybe you want some sheer fabric over your bump or maybe you want to capture that creamy skin. It’s completely up to you what you want to do. This is something we will discuss when planning your session and we will customise the session to what you wish.

Hopefully this will help you decide that a maternity photo session is the right choice for you!

Info & pricing can be found here.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a session, contact me here, email, phone 0439 049 989 or message me on facebook.

Mikaela xx

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