photography experience

Documenting your labour and birth is truly once in a lifetime. During a birth I will be as discrete as possible and most parents tell me that they don't even notice I am there!

I capture the moments during labour - the strength, the support of your birthing partner, the little moments you may not even be aware occurred. The anticipation of meeting your little babe is in the air and with each rolling surge you are brought closer and closer.

I also document the arrival of your little one into the world, the details, the emotions, the "firsts" that are so overwhelmingly beautiful. I will stay for a few hours after your babe has been born whilst you soak up all the moments.

So why hire a professional photographer? Find out below...





By having a professional photographer document your labour and birth, your birthing partner can be truly present in the moment with you and you will have their full support - instead of worrying if you'll miss snapping a photo! It also means that your birthing partner will be in the photographs.

The quality of professional photographs is something that doesn't compare to your phone! The talent and skills of your photographer have been perfected over many years so you will have amazing photographs of these moments that you can never re-create again.

There have been multiple studies that have proven the benefits of having birth photographs for you to reflect and reconcile the events. Whether you have a positive birth or experience trauma, the photos will be an incredible resource for you. Many parents also have small or large chunks of time that they cannot recall and photos will definitely help bridge this gap!


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I document your active labour and birth staying with you for a few hours after your babes arrival. There is no time limits as each labour and birth are completely unique!


There are lots of big choices to make when you are preparing for your baby and one of the best decisions I made was hiring Mikaela as our birth photographer. It is hard to appreciate all of the once in a lifetime things that happen during labour and while giving birth. My daughters first breath, the look on my husbands face when he saw her for the first time, the precious first moments as a complete family; all wonderful memories that fade with time but are forever preserved in our amazingly emotional pictures. The story Mikaela told of our first birth experience with her photographs made our friends and family feel like they had been in the delivery room with us and brought many to tears. Mikaela was also an amazing support during pregnancy and labour - she took our lead and was discrete when I was fully focused on my surges, I didn't even notice her there! But when I needed encouragement and support she was my biggest cheerleader! She has been incredible postpartum too, above & beyond!