top 5 present ideas for

first birthday!

When you have a child, you seem to accumulate a LOT of toys... you don't even know how half of them have ended up in your house, it's like magic that they multiple!

And little ones get overwhelmed by too many toys. There is no way they can play with them all and can even avoid them when there are too many options too choose from.

Then their first birthday approaches and as a parent, you are faced with the daunting aspect of receiving MORE TOYS!

There is no denying that your loved ones want to spoil the birthday babe and as a mama & dad we wholeheartedly appreciate that love!

So here's some ideas for non-toy based gifts that you can share with your family and friends!


There's no denying how much learning takes place in the early years! And these little toddlers want to be just like us, following us around and copying what we do!

So a Learning Tower is the perfect gift that is endlessly versatile and will grow with a child over the years.


Most children want to explore their world and test the boundaries a tad bit!

Redirect their climbing practice from the furniture to a Pikler Climbing Frame!

Not only does it provide endless hours of fun climbing, it strengths core skills, you can add on attachments like slides and you can get creative - like making it into a cubby on a rainy day.


Having a little one comes with costs and it's no secret that their activities add up!

A great gift is contributing to their favourite activity... swimming lessons, GymbaROO, Ready Steady Go, Bush Babies Playgroup.

This could be paying for a lesson, buying a gift voucher or even generously paying for a term!


Making memories is a beautiful gift for any family. And you can give this through experiences.

Zoo tickets, the Aquarium, MoPA, PlaySchool concert, Gumbuya World, Jump & Climb, a sporting match are all ideas of fun experiences that not only babe can enjoy, the whole family can!


The ultimate celebration:


Not only is the experience memorable and fun, the photographs will last FOREVER!

You can gift a full experience or a contribution towards the package would always be greatly appreciated.

If you are having a party but are worried about the toys you'll receive, a really wonderful alternative is asking guests to instead give a favourite book. They can write a little message to the birthday babe in the book cover, so every time you read the story you can remind your child who gave them that book.

Books are also quite low cost presents and don't take up as much room as large, loud, bright toys!!