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Booking Terms and Conditions

When referred to the:

  • Photographer is Mikaela Kirra Ryan owner/photographer of Kirra Photography ABN:92246125105.
  • Client is the individual or business completing the Booking Form

By submitting the Booking Form, the Client agrees:
1. To the Package inclusions and Payment detailed in the Package Guide (found here) for the Package/s and/or Collections selected by the Client in the Booking Form.

2. To the Payment Details and commitments including deposit amount and paying via at least one of the five various payment options outlined in the Payment Details found here.

3. That if the dates offered by Kirra Photography are unsuitable to the Client, the Client is responsible for advising Kirra Photography within 48 hours in order for the Booking Deposit paid to be refunded. If the Client advises after this time period, Kirra Photography is not responsible for refunding the Booking Deposit.

4. That if Kirra Photography deems no availability to accept the Booking, Kirra Photography will advise the Client and refund the Booking Deposit to the Client.

5. Kirra Photography will not accept a confirmed Booking until the Booking Deposit is paid by the Client. This may mean that Kirra Photography cannot hold the preferred date/s for the Client and may be booked by another Client for the preferred date/s.

6. Upon a confirmed booking, the Client will be required to complete a Photography Contract between Kirra Photography and the Client. The Client should view an example of the Photography Contract prior to submitting the Booking Form by clicking here. By submitting the booking form, the Client agrees to contents of the example Photography Contract and agrees to formally sign the Photography Contract which will include individualised details such as Client name, date/s, payment amounts and structure.

The Client understands:

7. That the session date/s inputted into the Booking Form are “ideal” dates and Kirra Photography may not be available on the “ideal” date/s however will endeavour to offer suitable alternative date/s if available.

8. Kirra Photography will attempt contact via email in the first instance. The Client is responsible for checking their email, including spam/junk. Kirra Photography may also attempt contact via telephone. It is vital that the Client provides correct email, telephone and postal address, along with full legal names.