Welcome and congratulations!!   Whether you’ve just had a baby or currently pregnant, you may be looking to hire a professional photographer to capture some beautiful photos of your precious newborn bub, BUT you have nooo idea where to start!

I know it can be completely overwhelming trying to find the perfect photographer amongst the sea of ‘professional’ newborn photographers that flood the internet and social media these days, and your baby is only this little once, so choosing the right photographer to capture this ever so fleeting time in your child’s life will be a decision that you won’t want to make lightly.

The most important thing is to find a photographer whose style you LOVE, one who is EXPERIENCED in photographing newborns and one who also fits YOUR needs.  Easier said than done, right?  I’ve put together some helpful tips and important information to take into consideration when deciding on the photographer who is right for YOU!

  1. Choose an experienced newborn photographer. How many years have they been in business? What training have they invested in? Remember you are trusting them to not only take photographs, but also handle, pose and care for your very new baby. Your baby’s safety must be the first priority. Kirra Photography has been photographing newborn babies for over 3 years. Mikaela has been trained by the best newborn photographers in Australia, including Kelly Brown (www.littlepiecesphotography.com.au).
  2. Choose a newborn photographer who’s work you love and connect with. Have a good look through their galleries, facebook and blog posts. Kirra Photography is dedicated to providing natural, organic photographs with a beautiful range of images…from pure and simple poses to more detailed shots using custom props, blankets and handmade accessories sourced from all over the world. Everything is provided for you.
  3. Choose a newborn photographer that is insured and registered. Many claim to be an ‘experienced’ business, however are running a hobby or have just started out. Everyone starts somewhere, but remember this is your precious bub and their once in a lifetime photos you are trusting the photographer with. Kirra Photography holds comprehensive indemnity insurance as well as professional organization registrations, business registration, up to date vaccinations (including Whooping Cough) and a Working with Children Check.
  4. Choose an experienced newborn photographer. Are the photographer’s images on their website of good quality? Or are they badly lit, out of focus, ‘over-edited’ or not edited at all?  Are they consistent in style – or do they seem to be all over the place?  Do their newborn galleries show a diverse portfolio with lots of different faces – or are you seeing the same baby and family repeatedly – evidence that they may not have done many photo shoots, perhaps an amateur who is portfolio building?  Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with amateurs as, again, we all start somewhere – but it’s those beginners who falsely advertise as ‘professionals’ (offering cheap prices yet delivering sub-par service and photographs) – that are a real concern.
  5. Choose a newborn photographer that will offer you a full and flexible session. Kirra Photography only schedules one newborn session per week. There will be plenty of time allowed for feeding and settling. Most sessions take between 3-4 hours on average, but with time being flexible we are in no rush, we could spend all day at the studio if we need to.
  6. Choose a newborn photographer who will fully edit all of your beautiful images. Kirra Photography individually edits each and every image in your gallery. Skin tones are evened out and skin smoothed if needed. Blemishes removed and small details such as eyelashes and little fingers and toes are defined. Your final images will be absolutely divine.

“Sooo how much is it going to cost me?!” I hear you ask!  Whilst price will be a factor, it shouldn’t be the first OR final thing to consider when making such an important decision (as we’ve just covered in the important tips above!).  Ever heard of the saying “you get what you pay for”?  Choosing and entrusting the right photographer for your baby’s first photo session (or even wedding or family photos for that matter) is no different.

Remember you are paying for much more than just a photo shoot…preparation, experience, the best equipment, beautiful props, (lets not forget the after session laundry :)…and most importantly the final product.

Professional photography is a luxury item – just like that beautiful holiday or new 60” flat screen TV (that hubby just HAD to have!) – it is a want, not a need.  Having a baby can be expensive and people’s finances will vary, but consider this – how much did you pay for that last holiday or TV? (or even designer clothes or accessories for that matter!) – how long will they last?  Photos last more than a lifetime.

As a guide you can expect to invest anywhere from $500+ for your artwork.  Most newborn photographers will also charge a separate ‘session fee’ for their time spent on the day of your photo shoot – anywhere from $150-$300 – Kirra Photography has the session fee incorporated in your package… there are no pesky hidden fees. See our pricing here. Of course there is a photographer to suit all budgets – but remember, you get what you pay for – and you will never get those early days back to redo a session if you are not happy with your photos.

Remember to book your newborn photos as early as possible. I have clients who contact me when they find out they are expecting! This is great, they know their session is secured and it is one less thing to worry about later on when all you want to do is rest before bub arrives. Even if your bub has made it’s grand entrance, please still contact your photographer, as some, like Kirra Photography, do have a cancellations list and may be able to fit you… but if possible, we still suggest booking early in your pregnancy to avoid missing out.

Be sure to hire a professional photographer whose work is outstanding so that your newborn is safe and you can enjoy your treasured, beautifully captured moments forever.

For more info on maternity, newborn and baby photography…please contact me here, send me a facebook PM, email info@kirraphotography.com or give me a call on 0439 049 989.

Mikaela xx

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Emmett Newborn Session - 12 September 2015 - Kirra Photography

Emmett Newborn Session - 12 September 2015 - Kirra Photography

Emmett Newborn Session - 12 September 2015 - Kirra Photography