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Dear Unsettled Bubba…

Dear Unsettled Bubba…..

It’s every photographers dream that a newborn sleeps through their entire session, that they are calm and relaxed, and happy to be posed into every position and every gorgeous prop I have dreamt up. I’m sure it’s every parents hope that it happens that way too! But in reality, it often doesn’t, and nothing makes me sadder than when parents get upset because their little one won’t settle.

Dear Unsettled Bubba 1 WM

I think sweet Hadley’s face expresses her feelings towards being photographed… but next minute she’s very content all snuggled up.

Dear Unsettled Bubba 3

I always remember the most important concept surrounding a newborn and I try to share this with my new families. It is the concept of The Fourth Trimester. It made perfect sense. For the past 9 months your little one has been held constantly, they have been kept safe and warm in a nice dark home, they have been fed constantly, rocked and shushed by the gentle tone of your voice and pulsing of your heart. And now, life is the exact opposite. They are naked, in a strange place, being asked to sleep without you lovingly curled around them, and honestly, it’s not what they want at all!! Of course my studio is the best fourth trimester I can manage. It is warm and cosy, babies are swaddled and comforted, they are always fed whenever they ask, and there is peaceful shushing and a beating heart. But I’m not their mumma, and sometimes, they just plain don’t want to hang out with me, and that’s ok too!

Newborn sessions are scheduled in the first 14 days of your little ones life. It is done this way for many reasons. It’s when little ones are generally their sleepiest, curliest and tiniest. It is those moments and those details that you want to remember before they are gone in the blink of an eye. But that is also the time in both you and your little ones lives that you are your most vulnerable, something that is of utmost importance to me.

Dear Unsettled Bubba 2 WM

Cutie pie Kody wasn’t a big fan either! It took a bit of work but we got him settled for some gorgeous photos with his lovely mumma, dadda and big sis.

Kody Newborn Session - 14 March 2015 - Kirra Photography

Please don’t ever feel bad if your little one is unsettled, it is just their way of communicating their needs. I like to think my experiences will help you both feel safe and comforted and loved. But sometimes even my magic tricks don’t work. Sometimes we try other things, and sometimes, we reschedule a session if a little one doesn’t feel like being photographed that day. While my focus is capturing moments of your sweet new baby, my biggest priority will always be their comfort. Nothing fills my heart more though, than when a couple comment on how comfortable they feel during their session and it’s even more flattering when I peep out of the studio door to find both mum and dad snoozing peacefully!!!

Penny May - Newborn Session - 13 March 2016 - Kirra Photography

This photo is from Round 2! On our first scheduled session baby Penny was having a bad day (we all have them, mine tend to come on Mondays!). Big sis Skyla was restless and dad was under the weather. We persevered for a little while before deciding to reschedule – the best for Penny, Skyla & dad – and of course mum, she had her hands full! During our second session we captured lots of gorgeous photos like this gem.

During your session we will always work together to make sure your little one is as calm and safe as possible ….And hopefully, capture some beautiful moments along the way.

So unsettled baby…never fear….you will always find comfort with me…….


If you would like to discuss a photo session with me, please call me on 0439 049 989, email info@kirraphotography or visit facebook.

Mikaela xx

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