displaying your


You have just captured your family moments at this season in life. You have the most gorgeous photographs to cherish. So now it's time to display those photographs!


There are so many benefits to displaying your photographs and I am going to touch on just one here.

There has been so many studies done that have analysed the emotional benefits of displaying photographs in your home - for both adults and children.

Displaying your photographs provides a sense of belonging which is vital for everyone, especially children. We need to visually see everyday our place in the family. Walking past these photographs every day reminds us of the love and connection, those who appreciate and support us, the incredible milestones as well as the small every day moments.






All products ordered through Kirra Photography come with a guarantee! I am proud that I have never had a product returned to Kirra Photography but I love that I can provide you with the comfort of knowing if anything does happen, you will receive a replacement!

l work with the oldest photo lab in Australia who provides the best quality products! All products are heirloom quality with the greatest inks, papers and materials available, as well as the best machines and the highest trained technicians creating your final products.

It can be so difficult choosing which photographs to print, what sizes, what type of frames, how to hang or display them and how to make a gallery wall. That's why you have me! I have extensive experience in supporting clients to display their photographs. I'm here to help!



Art Prints

Wall Art

Home Art

beautiful unique torn edges printed on matte art paper

available in 6x4" and 8x10"

framed photographs with the option of traditional matted edges or torn edges and various frame stains

available in sizes from 8x10"

wooden blocks with gorgeous texture

available in circle, square or rectangle from 5x7"

lovingly crafted with your choice of cover material and engraving

available in 7x5" and 10x10"

A quick note about USBs...

Remember the days when we had floppy disks? Then you used to save your photos to a CD that wound up getting scratched... and along came USBs.

Whilst USBs have been and continue to be amazing, they won't be around forever much like the floppy disk. So what will happen to your photographs that you have saved to a USB?

And what about your USB failing?! Technology isn't perfect and sometimes your USB will not be readable so you loose your photos. Or your USB might get broken!

It's so important to keep your photographs safe. I urge all my clients to back up their photographs in multiple places - store them on a secure online cloud, a hard drive (I keep mine in a fire proof safe) as well as your USB.

As well as keeping them safe, you deserve to enjoy your photographs too! USBs tend to get forgotten in the back of a dusty drawer and I know you're too busy to sit down and scroll through the photos every day. But printing them, displaying them on your walls, having albums - these will be daily reminders of the love and connection, the milestones and the small moments that become so significant.