photography experience

There is no better time to document your family than now! Every day your children are growing so I always encourage families to document regularly.

The connection between families is so unique. I am passionate about capturing the connection and interaction, the emotions and feelings. I love documenting love.

Life is so busy these days. We often don't have the time to really be present in the moment, fully engage with our children and partner and breathe in all the beautiful chaos. I will give you that opportunity to pause, embrace, document.

Family photography experiences can be in your home or outdoors at sunset. The experience is relaxed and fun, we interact and connect, play games and explore.



more than just photos - this is an

These family photographs always brings a tear to my eyes. Mikaela, it's like you captured pieces of my heart and I value that so much! Thank you!

The experience was fun, enjoyable and when we jumped back in the car even my hubby said he was looking forward to the next family photographs we captured with you! That's a lot coming from a guy who whinged for days beforehand haha

Our life seems to be flying by, I can't believe how quick our kids are growing and honestly every day seems to be a never ending to do list. So this experience gave us more than just photographs. It gave us time and that is so so valuable. We were able to connect with our children in a way we haven't for so long. They had our full attention and we all loved exploring and playing together. We created memories that I know I will always remember and I am certain my children will too. I can't thank you enough for that! So grateful!