photography experience

Feeding your babe is one of the most bonding experiences of the first few years. You provide nourishment and nurturing, you are their safe place and their source of life. The bond that forms is so special and your connection deserves to be documented.

Your feeding journey is totally unique and it may have had it's challenges along the way. Every journey is worth celebrating and a photography experience will give you the opportunity to do this - to pause and reflect, to embrace your babe and connection, and to document.

All forms of feeding are welcomed and celebrated. There are no age requirements and both parents, caregivers and siblings can be involved in the photography session.



more than just photos - this is an

Our feeding journey has not been "smooth"- actually it's been the hardest part of becoming a new mum and I truly wish I had prepared more for it!

Over this year we have nourished our babe through many ways - breast, expressed, formula, donor milk and supplementing. The emotions that have come with this journey have been overwhelming, however despite it all the bond I have developed with my daughter is something so special. Because we have used bottles as well, my partner has also developed this special feeding bond. As we approached the one year mark we decided to book a Feeding session with Mikaela and I am so grateful we did. We now have gorgeous photographs of my partner, my daughter and I to celebrate our journey and document our bond. During the session it was relaxed and never rushed. We captured both breast and bottle feeding with the little quirks that my daughter has - like a foot up in my face haha. This was an amazing experience to reflect and embrace!