Health & Safety

Kirra Photography has a strong commitment to health and safety.


Prior to and following every session and appointment in the studio, Kirra Photography undergoes a strict high level cleaning of the studio including but not limited to:

- disinfecting every surface including door handles, kettles, benches, change tables, taps, toilet etc.

- dishwasher washing of any food and drinking items used

- cleaning of glass

- vacuuming and mopping with disinfectant of floors

- washing with disinfectant detergent of any soft surfaces like change mat covers, spew rags, etc.

- Glen 20 sprayed on all surfaces including couches, cushions and rugs

Props, Outfits and Equipment

Prior to and following every session, the props, outfits and equipment used are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant.


The photographer will not conduct any appointments or sessions whilst ill with any contagious illness and/or while experiencing symptoms.

Government regulations

Government regulations are followed, including but not limited to QR Code check ins, isolation requirements and mask wearing.

Personal hygiene

Hand sanitiser is available on entrance to the studio. Tap water and soap is also available. Sanitising and hand washing is encouraged for clients. The photographer washes their hands prior to every session and uses hand sanitiser throughout the session.

Client responsibilities

The client is responsible for ensuring that they and their families/guests:

- adhere to government regulations

- undertake hand sanitising and hand washing

- do not attend a session or appointment if ill with a contagious illness and/or while experiencing symptoms

- advise Kirra Photography if they become ill with a contagious illness within one week of their photography session or appointment

- have adults supervising children at all times and are responsible for their health and safety


All precautions are taken to prevent injuries from occurring, including the use of high quality professional equipment at all times. However there are times where injuries may occur due to reasonings outside of Kirra Photography's control - such as a child tripping over whilst out in nature or an insect bite. The limit of liability is outlined in the contract accepted by the Client for their session.