leaving home with a


It can be daunting, hey?! You have this gorgeous snuggly little one but goodness, it can be a massive effort to leave the warmth of your home... but it doesn't have to be! I have your back! With these handy tips, leaving home will be a breeze.

My top three tips!




Plan your times!

Firstly, double check Google

maps to see what the estimated

travel time is...

Then leave much earlier! Babies have this uncanny knack of

having a blowout,

or needing a feed, right as you're about to step out the door!

If you plan to leave much earlier than needed, you will remain calm and stress-free when a little hiccup happens because you have time up your sleeve!

Our aim is to not rush!

The night before!

You have some work to do the night before to make the next day easy peasy.

Pack the bag - everything you need for baby, mama, dada and siblings. I have a handy guide here on what to include in a baby bag.

Outfits ready - ironed and hanging, ready to be popped on in the morning. No running around last minute looking for a missing piece.

Even prep your breaky. You want the morning to be as easy as possible so taking care of any morning tasks will help.


Did you know a calm mama/dada = a calm baby?

This is so important to keep in mind so leaving home with babe is fun for all and not a crying nightmare!

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed at any point, pause and take three long breaths in and out. Remind yourself of the goal at the end, how amazing this is going to be and how happy you are.

If you have children, make this fun for them. No yelling or rushing them. Make it an adventure, it will really help keep them in a positive mindset too!

If you're coming to the studio for newborn photos, here's a couple more tips:

There's no need to bring the pram into the studio. Your babe will be a busy bee and won't be using the pram during their session.

Love a coffee in the morning?

If you have plenty of time to spare, treat yourself on the drive! Didn't get a chance, message me when you're driving and I can have a tea or coffee ready and waiting for you!

Don't forget to make sure there is fuel in your car!

Mama if you need some more time, you're welcome to use the studio bathroom to do your hair & makeup!

And of course everyone's welcome to get dressed at the studio. Toddlers + white outfits + cars = don't end well haha