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Those first months are full of growth and milestones. Your teeny tiny newborn will grow into a bubbly babe who is sitting and clapping, making noises and getting ready to be on the move crawling around. Their personality is shining through - all their little quirks and uniqueness. The way they squish their nose when they smile and the sound of their giggles, their chubby leg rolls and the shine in their eyes at a new discovery.

These moments are fleeting, your baby is changing every day and capturing these milestones and memories is what I am passionate about. I will give you the opportunity to pause those moments, embrace this sweet little babe and document.



more than just photos - this is an

Oh my goodness! I had newborn photographs with Mikaela when my son was 7 days old. He was a tiny 7 pounder and gosh I love looking at those newborn photographs on our hallway wall everyday. My babe also loves looking at them! But I quickly noticed as the months passed that when I would walk past every morning with my son in my arms, that my tiny newborn was gone and now he was laughing with a cheeky grin! I booked a Little Sitter session and documented him at 7 months. What a change!! There are the obvious milestones like sitting and waving, smiling and laughing. But also the little things that make him HIM - like how he tips his head to side when he smiles and the way his nose squishes when he laughs. I also love that we captured his eyes lighting up when he sees his daddy and a few photographs with his Raffy - his best bud, cuddle toy and comforter! I'm sure in years to come we'll want to remember these moments!





If you had a newborn package with Kirra Photography it isn't too late to upgrade to a First Lap Around the Sun Collection where you can document your babes first year - including a Little Sitter photography experience - whilst receiving a wonderful discount! Ask Mikaela for more details.