What if you could create visual memories that help you remember what parenthood FELT like, not just what it looked like?

What if you could use your phone to capture the simplest moments every day that you and your family will treasure for the rest of their lives?

What if I told you it was simpler and easier than you think?

Introducing the Memory Keeper course!

do something today that future you will be thankful for...

I designed this course because I hear way too often from mamas that they are always the one behind the camera... never in front. They are taking the photos of the kids, the dogs, dad, loved ones. But who's taking mama's photo?

We need to change that and this course is going to do it!

One day all our children will have left is photos…

Photos of us.

Photos of their childhood.

Photos of the love.

We are here to make sure that everyone - including mama - is in them.

And of course, we want these photos to look beautiful - without a huge effort or years of photography training (because, hey! We're parents and grandparents, we don't have time for huge detailed photo shoots or hours reading a textbook to learn the skills.)

How does it work?

You will receive an email in your inbox

every Thursday for four weeks.

You just need 15 minutes each week to learn the new skills (in your own time) and put them into practice throughout the week as you go about your daily life!

Each week there is a little task that results in a gorgeous photograph that I will print for you as a beautiful professional art print.

There is no tech talk, editing or jargon!

Just easy peasy lessons that anyone can master! And all you need is your phone!

Courses run every month, commencing on the first Thursday.

Instead of a hundred average iphone snaps filling up your phone, you will learn to photograph thoughtfully with intention, reading light and telling the stories you always wanted to tell, these memories that are your world and theirs right now.

My hubby enrolled in the Memory Keeper Course as a surprise for my birthday. On the morning of my birthday he gifted me the art prints of the photographs he had taken over the last month - oh my gosh! Best gift I have received! I was bawling as I saw how he had captured all these moments that I wanted to remember forever... and now I will!

His newfound skills have come in so handy and we now have beautiful albums of the moments he has captured - all the small and big moments! And he raves about how simple and easy the course was (he managed to keep it secret for a month so it mustn't have been time consuming or difficult!!)

- Ana






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