Hello! Welcome! I'm so glad you are joining us over the next month to learn the skills to capture your everyday family life - all the beautiful chaotic moments that will one day be treasured so dearly. And, for all the Dads joining us, I want you to document your child's mama in a gorgeous, flattering, authentic way.

I promise this will take minimal effort, but will mean so so much.

So why?

Why are we doing this?

Why are we investing the time to take it from a quick blurry unflattering snapshot to a beautiful memory overflowing with emotions?

One day all our children will have left is photos… Photos of us. Photos of their childhood. Photos of the love.

We are here to make sure that everyone - including mama - is in them. No matter what she thinks her hair looks like, her make up or her body. No matter if the house has been cleaned or the kids are in their best clothes. No matter if you have an hour to set up the "perfect" shoot (first tip: there is no such thing as "perfect") or if you only have a quick ten seconds before you have to race out the door to footy training.

Trust me, they won’t care about any of that… they will just want to see you, see their childhood, see that they were loved.

I designed this course because I hear way too often from mamas that they are always the one behind the camera... never in front. They are taking the photos of the kids, the dogs, dad, loved ones. But who's taking mama's photo?

Have a look at the camera reel on yours and your partner's phone... how many photos is mama in? I bet there's a tonne of the baby, of dad, of grandparents... I bet there's barely any of her.

We need to change that. You and me. This course is going to do. You are giving her the greatest gift. She will cherish the photographs (and films) that you capture forever.

What can you expect from this course?

- You WILL learn the elements of how to take beautiful photos of the everyday

- You WILL learn effective tools to capture raw, authentic moments with children and mamas

- You WILL learn how to see a moment, how to seek a moment and how to create a moment

There will be NO technical mumbo jumbo.

This will be easier than you think!

But you do get out what you put in.


You have already received your portal log in.

Every Thursday, a new learning will drop in your portal and you'll receive an email reminder.

The learning takes around 15 minutes

to read through. You can go back to it anytime to refresh yourself! I recommend reading it a few times over the week.

Every week there will be a little task for you to implement what you learnt. As part of the task, you'll need to send me a photo every week that you have taken using your new found skills.

At the end of the course, you will have four beautiful photos that I will have professionally printed for you. (Tip: Dads, this is the perfect surprise for your wife/partner!)

You'll then have a great base of skills to take gorgeous photographs everyday of the little, and big, moments in your life... and dads - lots of photos of mama please!


This course is designed around taking photographs on your smart phone.

Why? Because it is accessible to the majority of households in our country and in these times, it tends to always be on hand... so it's the first point of call

when we need to capture a moment.

We don't get into the technical side of how an iPhone works vs an Android. We also won't touch on editing photos here, we just want to work on capturing them beautifully straight out of the camera!

Can this work with a DSLR? Yes it sure can, but again we do not go into the technical side of how to use your camera settings so I recommend having that base knowledge before you pick up your DSLR.


I am always here to support you. Whether you have a question, a concern or you want to show me the images you are taking!

The best way to contact me is via email at