Welcome to our last week! Over our time together you have learnt many key skills and this week we are going to bring

it all together by infusing photographs with FEELING!

Today we will tune into our WHY, learn some handy tips for engaging with little ones,

and we have our final fun task this week to practice your new learned skills.

Our lives are so busy. We get very caught up with "doing"... knocking over the to do list, running from one task to the other, our mind always ticking away with what needs to be done next.

We need to gently pause and consider WHY... why are you capturing these moments? Why have you invested time in learning these skills? Why is it important to you that these days are recorded?

If you're a dad doing this course, ask yourself why is it important to mama to have these moments documented?

When we photograph with intention, our photographs will have feeling.


What do you want to remember from today?

No, it's not the "picture-perfect" scrubbed up, say cheese photographs (that often lead to tantrums).

Dig deeper into your WHY!

This is a skill that you'll need to practice. For the next week, I encourage you to ask yourself this question daily. Every day will get easier to answer as you'll start tuning into your why instinctively.



Establishing a connection is a key part of bringing feeling to your photography.

How can we do this?

By interacting.

By showing interest.

By playing games and giving actions.

By chatting and joking and laughing.

By being in their environment, with their favourite items, doing their favourite activities.

Make them feel comfortable before you pull out the camera and the moments will flow naturally.

And natural is what we want. We want to photograph more than a pose; we want to capture that true, authentic, genuine moment.


Let's channel your inner child!

When connecting with little ones, we need to get on their level and come armed! What actions you take, will depend on the feeling you are seeking.

If you want playful, funny, bright eyed - elicit laughter by playing games, telling jokes, pulling funny faces and making funny noises.

If you want peaceful, snuggly, calm - ask them to read or tell you a story, sing a lullaby, do a breathing exercise.

We avoid the "say cheese" line at all costs!



Your final task is to create an activity that your children will love (dad's doing this course - make sure to include mama and think of what she would love to do!). Choose an activity where you can use the skills you have learnt to connect with them and capture the naturally unfolding moments that flow!

This activity could be anything that you think they would be comfortable with, but choose what feeling you are seeking... is it fun and adventurous? Or cuddly and quiet?

Before entering the activity, have some ways you will engage up your sleeve. Maybe a silly song you'll sing with them or a game of ring-o-rosey or peekaboo (like in the example here)... I'm sure you are overflowing with ideas!

When the moments are naturally flowing, you can bring out your camera to capture the FEELING.

I can't wait to see what you document!


Email your photograph to

with the subject line

"Week Four"

Make sure when attaching the photograph you select "actual size"


I am always here to support you. Whether you have a question, a concern or you want to show me the images you are taking!

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