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Editing newborns is a very delicate task… I strongly believe that you should never alter the way a person looks in a photograph – you are who you are and a photograph is a reflection of your true self. This means I won’t be making anyone, especially a newborn, skinnier or less freckly or more tanned.

It does not mean that I do not edited a newborn though, I definitely do but I will only edit those teeny tiny details that in a day, a week or a month will no longer be there – scratches, marks, newborn pimples, dry skin, etc.

I thought you might like to see what I do edit in a newborn photo… this is the unedited ‘before’ and the edited ‘after’. I have put a red circle around the little details I edited – the dry skin, scratch and red marks…


I also edit the background to remove the crinkles and creases and to make it smooth. I will alter the brightness, contrast and clarity slightly but mostly I will aim to make this correct in camera at the time I shoot the photo.

Sometimes if a bub is really jaundice or overly red/purple, I will do some minor adjustments to get the creamy skin back.

Hopefully this has given you a little look into how I edit a newborn.

If you want to see how I have edited any other photos, please let me know – I am more than happy to share this with all of you!

Any questions or session info, please contact me here, phone 0439 049 989, email or jump on facebook and send a private message.

Mikaela xx

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