As soon as you start thinking about photos, I urge you to book! I only take a limited number of sessions and this means I can book out quickly.

For newborn and maternity sessions, most parents will book straight after their 12 week scan. Others book as soon as they find out there is a babe on the way - I feel very honoured to be one of the first to know you are having a babe!

How do I book?

You can make a booking online by clicking the Make a Booking button below or you can phone me on

0439 049 989.



MATERNITY | I recommend between 32-36 weeks. This is a beautiful time in your pregnancy where you will still have energy and feel comfortable, compared to closer to your estimated due date! Some bubs also like to surprise us early so by documenting your bump before 36 weeks we can make sure to beat your babe if they are in a hurry to be born!

NEWBORN | The ideal time is in the first three weeks following birth when they are their tiniest and sleepiest. Some babes need a bit extra love in hospital though and that's absolutely fine! We can document a newborn up to 8 weeks.

LITTLE SITTER | Around 6-9 months is perfect for Little Sitter photographs. This is such a fun age to document their personality and milestones.

CAKE SMASH | Traditionally designed to celebrate your babes first birthday, Cake Smashes aren't limited to just one year olds! I have documented so many children and even adults smashing up a cake. If you are documenting your babes first birthday, anytime from 10 months is wonderful.

FEEDING | There are no age limits on feeding sessions and all forms are welcome - this session is about documenting the bond and journey, whether it be through breastfeeding, bottle, mix, supplementary or any of the countless forms! A lot of parents choose a time in the first year to document their feeding journey.

FAMILY | Any time! I encourage you to document your family regularly as children and connections change so rapidly. I have so many clients who return every year to document their family and it is honestly so beautiful and so different each time. During daylight savings is my favourite time to document families outdoors at sunset, there is just something special about the warmth and sunsets at this time of year that brings such a feeling and atmosphere to your photographs!

When is the best time for photographs?

What payment options are available?

Kirra Photography accepts payment via cash, card (in person or online) or bank transfer. When you book a session, you will receive an invoice with the payment instructions.

For packages, payment plans are also available over a maximum 10 week period with weekly or fortnightly repayments.

All collections are designed with a monthly payment plan.

Payment plans are direct through Kirra Photography and not a third party provider, meaning there is no interest, fees or credit report impacts.

Where do you hold photo sessions?

Kirra Photography has a studio in Traralgon where all Newborn and Little Sitter sessions are held.

Cake Smashes can be held in studio, or outdoors at sunset during daylight savings.

Feeding sessions can be in studio, outdoors at sunset or in your home.

Family sessions can be in your home or outdoors at sunset.

Maternity sessions are held outdoors at sunset.

Outdoor and in home sessions are available without charge within 15kms of Kirra Photography's studio. A fee applies to sessions outside of 15kms.

What happens if it is raining?

Studio and in home sessions are not impacted if it is rainy.

For outdoor sessions, I keep a close eye on the hour-by-hour forecast leading up to your session. I will be in touch 48 hours prior to your session if the hour-by-hour forecast is predicting rain or unfavourable conditions so we can reschedule for a new date. Sometimes the weather does change quickly though and it may mean there is less than 48 hours notice.

Is there a time limit on my session?

What do I wear?

Choosing what to wear can be daunting but with Kirra Photography, you don't have to worry! I have a client wardrobe for the entire family that you're welcome to borrow from. I also assist with styling, choosing the right outfit for each person and the best combination so your photographs look incredible!

My sessions are untimed which means there is no set end time, we don’t have a clock and we definitely don’t rush! Some sessions are longer than others and despite the length we always document amazing photographs!

The only timed session I offer is our mini sessions for fundraising and Christmas.

Are you trained?

What about health & safety?

Yes! I am a qualified professional photographer and I run a registered business. I have trained for years with the best photographers in the world, as well as with medical professionals to ensure the safety of your babe and children. I complete annual training so I stay up to date with the latest in medical advancements as well as technical skills.

This is so important and always has been at Kirra Photography as we have the tiniest of babes in the studio. I am fully vaccinated and I take health & safety very seriously. I ensure that the strictest hygiene measures are followed to protect my clients and myself. You can find out more in the Health & Safety Policy.