Kirra Photography has a strong commitment to sustainability - to ensure that our planet is well cared for for the next generation and to ensure that this business is here to service our clients for many years.

Some of the many commitments Kirra Photography has to sustainability are:


The packaging that is used for your photographs is reusable - such as wooden keepsake boxes, pre-loved muslin wraps, dried florals, paper bags and recycled paper cards.

Kirra Photography encourages you to reuse or recycle packaging.

We avoid the use of plastics wherever possible - such as bubble wrap or tape - however this isn't always practical where it will adversely impact the quality and care of your photographs.

Photo lab

Kirra Photography limits the number of orders to our photo lab. This means that we may wait a day or two to place an order so we can order multiple clients photographs at once. This assists the photo lab in reducing their costs - which would be passed on to Kirra Photography and our clients - as they have less administration tasks. This also reduces the postage costs and the impact on the postage system - less parcels means less manpower, truck and plain trips and machine processing.

Cake smashes

Kirra Photography does not use balloons in any session due to the impact on the environment.
A unique back- and floor-drop system is used for Cake Smashes where the backdrop and floordrop are soaked and washed to be reused for sessions. The alternative is a large paper roll which is used and cut off, then thrown in the bin - impacting the environment.

Minimal props are used in cake smashes which is wonderful to keep the focus on your gorgeous babe, but it also means less purchases of items that are only used once and disposed of - this has a sustainable impact both to the business and environment.

Impact on nature

We commit to always leave natural environments the way we found them. We take any rubbish with us and we do not use confetti.


Kirra Photography is a natural light photographer. This means we do not need studio lights which draw a significant amount of energy impacting our environment and business costs.


Kirra Photography runs a sustainable business meaning that we will be here for many years to come. To do this we charge a fair price to cover all relevant business costs, including but not limited to insurance, utilities, registrations, cleaning and technology. We also ensure that the photographer and any other staff are paid a fair wage for their time and talent investment - time away from their loved ones to document yours. We ensure that we follow all laws and regulations, hold comprehensive insurance and undertake all fair business practices. We engage in the community to support and give back to those around us. We choose local wherever possible and encourage our clients to do the same. We also have a strong commitment to provide the greatest service to our clients which they deserve.

Have a suggestion on how Kirra Photography can be more sustainable? Please let us know at