Whilst you're preparing to meet your baby, I bet you are also searching for tips and tricks to manage the intensity of surges (or "contractions") during labour.

When I was anticipating the arrival of my sweet baby boy, I found myself immersed in different books, podcasts, movies and courses so I could be as prepared as I possibly could for labour. Through all this and over the years of documenting my beautiful clients labours and births, I found one the best techniques to help with the surges!

Introducing the humble comb...

i can do this...

YEP! You read right - a comb!

Like the one you would use for your hair.

Sounds strange right?!

But I promise it works!


You hold the comb in your hand with the teeth facing down into your palm and along your thumb.

The teeth applies acupressure that provides a distraction and creates a focal point for your brain to concentrate on.

The nerve endings in your hand send messages to your brain and distract it from the sensations of the surges.

It's so easy to use,

as well as

lightweight and compact,

providing an

amazing pain relief!

If you would like a comb for your labour, please contact me! I have gorgeous wooden combs available complimentary in the studio.