I often get asked how I came up with the name ‘Kirra’…

There’s three reasons:

1. Most people name their business using their name – ‘Mikaela Photography’, ‘Mikaela Ryan Photography’, ‘Ryan Photography’ sounded terrible! So I branched out from the common first and/or last names and went for my middle name, Kirra.

2. It means ‘lady of light’ in Greek which is very apt for a photographer who loves her light! It also means ‘leaf’ in some Aboriginal dialects, which I love that it has its roots in nature and this is reflected in my organic inspired images.

3. It’s namesake is this gorgeous beach, Kirra, in Queensland which I was lucky enough to spend a morning relaxing on last month! Wish I was there for longer!!

Oh and lots of people ask me how to pronounce it… it’s ‘keer-ah’ and rhymes with Shakira. It’s not pronounced Keira (key-air-ah) or Kyra (kye-rah).


Kirra Beach