Newborn photo sessions are by far my favourite… I absolutely adore the special hours we spend in the studio capturing your precious memories.

There are a few insider tips to make this session as smooth as possible. We will explore one today (I promise I will do a post on ALL of them very soon 😉 )…


This is one of the most common questions I am asked and it is also one of the most important.

The answer?

Five to twelve days new.

But why is this the best time? There are a few reasons…

  1. I promise you by day 14 you will realise that the sweet little bub in your arms at 2 in the morning, probably crying, suddenly looks very different to the baby you cuddled in the hospital… Your baby will change every single day and you need to capture this time before it passes by. The first few months will fly by in a blur of nappies, feeds, crying (both baby and you) and first moments. We aim to photograph your newborn as early on as we are able to so you can treasure the memories of those pure first days.
  2. Safety… this is the biggest concern to me during your session. I am honoured to be trusted with your new bundle of joy and I take the responsibility very seriously. A large part of my specialised training in newborn photography is focused on safety. No photograph is worth endangering your baby. I will never pose a baby in a position they are not comfortable with or could potentially hurt them. We have found during the first couple of weeks of life, bubs is still accustomed to being curled up, like they were during their nine months in the womb. This means it is a lot safer for photographers to capture those curly, posed images we all love so much. As bub grows older, it is more difficult for a baby to keep a pose as it becomes more unnatural and uncomfortable for them – we definitely don’t want this!
  3. Sleepy babies are pure gold to photographers! Your bub will sleep on average 16-18 hours per day during the first two weeks. From two weeks to two months, this will reduce to 15.5-17 hours per day. At month three it will further reduce to 15 hours. Sleepy babies aren’t just great for sweet images, but also for safety – a baby asleep is easier to pose and will keep a pose longer than an awake baby – whether they are calm or agitated.

Of course, we still photograph babies older than twelve days… every baby deserves to be photographed in the early days so even if you miss the ideal time, we will still capture the memories to cherish forever.

If you would like more info on Kirra Photography’s Bambino Newborn Sessions, please have a look here.

I am taking limited newborn bookings in 2016 to ensure the highest quality for each of my gorgeous clients… I urge you to book early to secure your session. Please use the contact form, visit facebook, email or call me on 0439 049 989 to discuss your session.

Mikaela xx