Why am i a photographer

I honestly get asked this question so many often that it is nearly autopilot that responds… ‘Because I love it.’

And that’s absolutely, 110% true – I do love it.

But I’ve been thinking this week that you deserve a much better answer to that question, especially if you are considering me to be the person you trust to capture those special moments in yours and your family’s lives.

So… why am I a photographer?

Photography was always a great passion for me since a tiny tot; I loved the weight of the camera in my hand and seeing the world through the viewfinder. I loved heading down to the chemist to collect my prints and looking at them over and over again until the corners were all bent and there were finger smudges over our faces. But it was always a hobby, I never expected to go professional… until one day in August a few years back.

I took a gap year after high school and to keep the academic side of my mind ticking over as well as improve on my photography, I decided to do my Diploma. Eight months in we had a big assignment and I chose portraiture as my subject – but I needed eight different photos with different people and different scenes. Here comes the facebook posts begging friends and family to do a quick session for me… and my lovely friend Suz was pregnant at the time. Nearly ready to pop, she got me super excited to do a maternity session just a couple of days before she had a C-Section… definitely not my finest work (sorry Suz!).

Suz invited me back to her home to capture her brand new daughter Darcey – sweet chubby cheeks, absolutely tiny and those little lip curling smiles… ahhhh. During those hours (that literally felt like a couple of minutes to me) I fell in love. This was it. This is what I was put on the earth to do.

Showing Suz and her partner Pat the photos of their first baby just made this feeling even more definite to me… their smiles and tears made my heart race and at the same time it made me amazingly content.

This is the feeling I get every single time I capture a newborn, a baby, a toddler or a child, or even someone who is loved by another like a partner or parent or friend…

So I chose to pursue this dream to capture the special moments in people’s lives. And I want to stress to you that by ‘special’ I don’t mean someone’s wedding day or birth or 21st… Though I definitely do capture all these moments, ‘special’ can mean the everyday – baking a cake with your daughter, playing in the park with your son or going on a picnic with your partner. It is those little moments in life that you will look back on and cherish.

I am a photographer to ensure that you and your loved ones will have images of these moments to look back on, to help you remember, to show your great-great-grandchildren.

As a photographer, I am constantly inspired by my peers and the world around me. There are two quotes that I live by…

‘The job of the photographer in my view is not to catalogue indisputable facts but to try to coherent about intuition and hope.’ – Robert Adams


‘God creates them, I capture them.’ – Jamie Anderson

I honestly hope that both of these shine through my photography and the images I capture for my clients. I keep both in mind during each session while shooting and while I am editing, all the way through to the moments when I deliver those final images to my clients.

So if you ask me why I am a photographer, I may answer ‘because I love it’ but really it is ‘because that is what I was put on this Earth to do; to capture the moments in your life that you will one day look back on and cherish, the special moments that, though it isn’t super important right now, will be one day… and I am lucky because I love it.’

Mikaela xx